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Information about cropcircles

On this page we try to give a complete summary about cropcircles and what is known of them. Besides we try to complete it, we possibly forgot things.
On the second page we continue about energies (like leylines) and the research to energies in cropcircles.

Contents of this page:

·    What are cropcircles?
·    Where and when are cropcircles found?
·    How are cropcircles being laid down?
·    Did people find strange things in cropcircles?
·    Have people seen cropcircles come into being? Are there any eyewitnessreports?
·    Which theories and wich scientific results are there for cropcircles?

What are cropcircles? (in French: Les agroglyphe, in Dutch: graancirkels)
Cropcircles are geometrical, non-geometrical, or (apparent) random figures in crop or vegetation. They appear from just one circle to several circles, to very complex and very extensive figures in size. They can have the size from a single circle with the diameter of 1metre. But the large and complex formations can have the size of several footballfields. In almost every size between cropcircles appear in countless geometrical shapes, patterns and figures.

Cropcircles do not only occur in wheat or corn, also in other crops they have been found, such as carrot, barley, coleseed, maize, and other. Also in other vegetation cropcircles can be found. Cropcircles have also been found in: reed, grass, heath, young trees, and also in sand, snow and ice. Because of this some researchers prefer to use the name 'cropshapes', 'cropformations' or 'agriglyphs' for these circles and figures in the fields. So cropcircles can come into being in every vegetation.

Where and when are cropcircles found?
Cropcircles do occur all around the globe and in almost all the countries around this planet. The largest concentration of cropcircles can be found in England, in the area of Stonehenge and Avebury where each year more than hundred cropcircles appear in the fields. Also in Germany and in the Netherlands dozens of cropcircles occur in the fields, which occur for a part in the same region every year, and for a part they can be found on variable locations through the whole country. In Belgium also cropcircles appear, but in the last years they are mostly made by humans. Still every year cropcircles occur in Belgium, but they aren't found or reported so we don't know about them.

Cropcircles can occur on every moment the year round. But mostly they are found in the period from April to September. This because in this period crop are on the fields in what the geometrical are the best visible. In other months cropcircles are more difficult to find, because ther doesn't grow much crop on the land in what they can appear.

Cropcircles got widely known in the past century, but in the past century they didn't occur for the first time. Centuries before cropcircles cropcircles already got reported, such as the following one.

This image from 1678 is a woodcut from Hertfordshire (England) and shows a devil who is mowing the corn. In the book of Terry Wilson (The Secret History of Crop Circles) the author indicates 50 or more publications from the time of the Mowing-Devil. Also in France near Lyon cropcircles were recorded.

The text from the publication says:
Being a True Relation of a Farmer, who Bargaining with a Poor Mower, about the Cutting down Three Half Acres of Oats: upon the Mower's asking too much, the Farmer swore That the Devil should Mow it rather than He. And so it fell out, that very Night, the Crop of Oat shew'd as if it had been all of a flame: but next Morning appear'd so neatly mow'd by the Devil or some Infernal Spirit, that no Mortal Man was able to do the like. Also, How the said Oats ly now in the Field, and the Owner has not Power to fetch them away.
Source: members.aol.com/zolaric/heartlink.html

Besides this report many other cropcircles are reported in the remote past. These old cropcircles are mentioned in the book 'The secret history of crop circles' from Terry Wilson. In this book also the cropcircle of Overboelaere in the province Oost-Vlaanderen from 1938 is mentioned.

How are cropcircles being laid down?
A large part of the cropcircles that is found worldwide are made by humans. Because of the attention the media gives to this phenomenon many people got the idea to imitate cropcircles. Because of the media it has become a real sport. Because of the size and complexity of the cropcircles, people think that the complicated formations aren't created by humans. The opposite is true. Almost all complex cropcircles seemed to be created by humans. Creating a cropcircles is much easier than people would expect at first sight. This appeared with tests by cropcircleresearchers, who tried to create a cropcircle. Creating a cropcircle appeared to be much easier. And... practice makes perfect! It even exists that the people who make cropcircles (those are called 'hoaxers') pay the owner of the land to create a cropcircle. Since the media attention the number of cropcircles made by humans has further increased. In England people say that 80 % to 90 % of all English cropcircles is made by humans. This percentage is confirmed by several researchers, who investigate the cropcircles in the fields. In the current years more and more human cropcircles are found in the fields, while they found more genuine cropcircles in the years '80.
In other countries it differs how many cropcircles are created by humans. The few cropcircles which are found in Belgium each year are almost all created by humans. In the Netherlands each year about ten cropcircles are found, of which almost half has another origin than creation by humans. In Germany it seems that just as in England 10 % or 20 % has non-human origin.

Many cropcircles are laid down in the fields by humans, but there are also cropcircles that are made by something else than people. Several people have seen a cropcircle coming into being in a field. These cropcircles have a supernatural origin. See further with eyewitnessreports.

People who visit cropcircles have several explanations for the circles and shapes in the crop. One of these explanations is that cropcircles are made by humans. This is in mostly the case, but, not every cropcircle can be explained in this way. There are cropcircles that have some characteristics which can't be created by humans. The explanations for cropcircles given by people in a list below, with behind the reason why people think this would explain cropcircles:

1. People who lay down crop (hoaxers): because people are able to lay down shapes in the crop.
2. Helicopters (landingsite): because there is a hard wind coming from a helicopter (no longer considered)
3. Military experimentation (like satellites?)
4. Chemical applications (for example double spread of artificial fertilizer or pesticides) (no longer considered)
5. Underground Archaeological (for example foundations of buildings) (no longer considered)
6. Earth energies (leylines): because dowsers do find such energies in cropcircles.
7. Stationary whirlwind vortexes (tornado): because eyewitnesses have seen these whirlwinds.
8. Plasma-vortex: because possible characteristics have been witnessed with cropcircles.
9. Naturespirits/devas: because people have stated they saw naturespirits with cropcircles.
10. Extraterrestrials/ufos: because with (the coming into being of) cropcircles lightorbs and ufos have been seen. Reasons for them to make cropcircles would be:
-Landing of an extraterrestrial spaceship that leaves a footprint in the field
-Message from extraterrestrials
-Navigation device for extraterrestrials
11. God/power of god: because (for humans) unexplainable phenomena have been perceived.
12. Spirits of dead people: because a part of the cropcircles are found near old graveyards (burial mounds).
13. Warning from mother nature
14. Birds which land in the field (like geese or ducks)
15. Mating hedgehogs: any reason for this thought??? (no longer considered)
16. Mating deers: because they possible lay something flat during their matingritual (no longer considered)
17. Fairyrings: (besides fungus also mould and micobes) because some fairyrings do look like grasscircles and are round too (no longer considered)

Some of these explanatory thoughts (views/opinions) originate from the beginning of the known cropcircle phenomenon (in England) and are not considered to be a realistic explanation anymore. Some of the possibilities given by people is no longer considered, because many cropcircles have sharp edges between the standing and laying crop. See with Eyewitnessreports and Theories for more background and explainations on how cropcircles come into being.

Did people find strange things in cropcircles?
Yes, they did! From time to time several strange things are found, for what cropcircle researchers do not have an explanation. Many of these strange things are considered to be connected with genuine cropcircles, but is this always the case?

1. Node Lengthening: these nodes can be found in the stalk of a wheat-plant, while control-samples from outside the formation weren't lengthened. besides this also celmutations have been found with the analysis of the samples.
2. Exploded nodes (blown nodes): the same effect was obtained by putting the stalks in the microwave.
3. Black moisture on the stalks: sometimes a black moisture (probable soot) is found on the stalks in a cropcircle.
4. Dead flies: in some cropcircles dozens of dead flies are stuck to the stalks of wheat.
5. Silicium: in some cropcircles silicium is found, which appeared to be very very pure after laboratory research. Also magnesium oxide and silicium oxide were found, which had a purity that does not exist in nature.
6. Buzzes: in Australia a cropcircle was found in which buzzes were recorded, which they couldn't explain. Besides this, also whistles and hissing sounds were perceived.
7. Radioactivity: some cropcircles had different values compared with the environment. The value in the cropcircle was higher of lower than the environment.
8. Batteries run down completely, which were completely full before visiting a cropcircle.
9. No GSM range: people tried to use their GSM it had no range, or didn't work, after some time or far outside the cropcircle, the instrument functioned again.
10. Not working equipment: besides the problems with the batteries and GSM's, also other problems with cameras for example do exist. The devices do not work, or the memory of the digital camera is empty after taking some photos.

11. Ghost: after the harvest of a cropcircle, it happens that with new crop on the field the next year, the cropcircle which had been there, is still visible in the new crop. This is called a ghost.

But these things aren't by definition all characteristics of genuine cropcircles, and they certainly do not occur with all genuine cropcircles. In the cropcircle of Mielen-boven-Aalst from 2003 someone couldn't call. The reason for this must have been something else, because the cropcircle was made by humans. The not working equipment like GSM's and batteries doesn't occur only in cropcircles, but similar effects have been noticed on someone's drive.

When the camera does work, lightphenomena are seen on the photos, which people haven't seen with the naked eye. Fog, orbs, strings of light are examples of these.

Eyewitnesses report for example about lightorbs (balls of light), flashes of light, and columns of light with the coming into being of a cropcircle.
Have you seen a cropcircle come into being that wasn't made by humans? Please let us know and contact us!
We would like to publish below more experiences of witnesses, anonymous publicating is possible!

Hertfordshire, England, 1678
In an oat field a mysterious circle appeared in 1678. Orange balls of light were witnessed in the sky at the time the circle appeared. Source: ‘Witchcraft in Hertfordshire by Lewis Evans and ‘Hertfordshire Folk Lore’ by W.B. Gerish.
Source: thecropcirclewebsite.50megs.com/page77.htm

Welspang, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, 1946
One day, in the summer of 1946, I had struck out of Welspang to Suederfahrenstedt on an errand; I had taken the paved road leading north of Boeklund to the top of the rise about 1 km north of Welspang, where a dirt road branched off the left to Suederfahrenstedt. It was a pleasantly warm day, not a cloud in the sky, and probably most significantly, not even the slightest breeze blowing. As I walked along that dirt road, I came to a section of the fields slightly elevated above to surrounding area. Suddenly I became aware of a faint whistling sound and a gentle swaying of the hazelnut, sloe, and Fliederbeeren, bushes growing on the 'Knicken'. Along the sides of the road. About 25 m to my left, I noticed a 3m wide column of plant debris spiralling counterclockwise upward to a height of, initially, about 18m. A second or two later four smaller columns arose at 90 degree intervals around the central spiral, each about 1,5m wide and spaced approximately 2m, edge to edge, from the main column, and, I am quite certain of this, spinning clockwise. The one at the left rear from my position collapsed quickly, but the other three rose rapidly , and caught up with the central column at about 18 m. At the height the tops of all four started to whip around violently, and, as they contacted each other, they dissolved into a single turbulent, and widening column, that kept rising at a perceived angle of about 20 degrees from the vertical to my right to a height of at least 80m; at that height the debris became too faint to be visible. By this time a brisk wind ( 20km/h ? ) was blowing in the direction of the disturbance - presumably from all directions. I made up my way through the crop, I think it was oats, to investigate the, and I found one large and three smaller sharply defined circles, of the same diameters and directions of rotation of the downed stalks as their respective debris-columns, each with a central cone of stalks wrapped loosely around each other. The collapsed spiral had left only a very faint trace."
Source: Andreas Muller, ICCA-The International Crop Circle Archive www.kornkreise-forschung.de

Cilycwm, South Wales, Great Britain, late 1940's
Mr. William Cyril Williams wrote in 1991 a letter to the Sunday Mirror in what he tells about an eye-witness case from South Wales. This was on farmland at Cilycwm, 6 km from Llandovery, Dyfed. Mr William Cyril Williams wrote: "With reference to the corn circles mystery I actually witnessed one being made. I was standing in a cornfield one morning and saw a whirlwind touching the ground and forming a circle in the corn. It was just the strength of the wind in the whirlwind that formed the circle". The event happened in the late 1940's when he worked on his father's farm, Penfedw Farm at Cilycwm. He was then in his twenties. The area is surrounded by hills on all sides, and circles had been seen there "frequently". On this occasion, a weekday in August, at about 10.30 to 11 in the morning Mr Williams had gone into the wheat field on harvesting day in advance of the cutting and binding machinery, and was crossing the middle of the field when he heard the buzzing noise of a whirlwind starting up only a few metres away. He then saw a spinning mass of air with dust in it, and, as he watched, in a matter of "only a couple of seconds or so the wheat fell down producing a sharp-edged circle 3 to 4 metres in diameter". It looked just like the other crop circles he had seen before except that this one was completely flat-bottomed whereas some of the earlier ones had stalks standing at their centres like a conical pyramid. The vortex then died out rapidly, but during its brief lifetime (under 4 or 5 seconds) it remained at the same place. Source: www.stonehenge-avebury.net/scienceofcropcircles.htm

Pittsburg, United States of America, 1952
BOL's and a buzzing/humming noise were reported by witnesses. Afterwards, a randomly-downed patch of grass in a field was discovered where the light was reported to be seen. Source: www.cropcirclenews.com

Tully, Australia, 1966
In 1966 witness saw an ufo leaving, which left behind some land with on it uprooted and scattered reed stems in a circular shape. Source: www.ufoplaza.nl/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=212

Kansas (?), 1971
A 16-year-old eyewitness watched a BOL hover near the ground about 75ft (± 23 metres) away from him. The object emitted a 'rumbling sound' and remained there about three minutes. The BOL then flew up into the sky emitting a high-pitched sound, knocking down a tree and breaking another tree branch along the way. As it cleared the tree line into the sky, several other witnesses then reported seeing the object. An 8ft (2,5 metres) diagram 'glowing' ring was discovered in dry, bare soil.
Seven different soil analyses were conducted on the soil samples collected from the site. The soil, as compared to control samples taken from outside the ring (1) would not absorb water; (2) was more acidic and had a higher concentration of soluble salts; (3) had 5-10x more calcium, and had higher concentrations of mineral; (4) was coated with a hydrocarbon; (5) soil had content that was discovered to have a previously unknown, un-catalogued crystalline structure of low atomic weight
Source: www.cropcirclenews.com

Warminster, England, 1972
Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood were sitting on the slope of  Star Hill wishing to see a glimpse of an ufo. In a short distance from where they sat the saw a "trail" in the wheat that assumed a clockwise circle. During the event they heard like a cricket.
Source: www.ufoplaza.nl/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=212

Westbury, England, 1983
R.A. Barnes writes in a letter to a director (G.T. Meaden) of the 'Journal of Meteorology' the following:
"I have been meaning to write to you for some time on the subject of corn circles. About six or seven years ago I was fortunate to see one of these form in a field at Westbury. It happened on a Saturday in early July just before six in the evening after a thunderstorm earlier that afternoon; in fact it was still raining slightly. My attention was first drawn to a 'wave' coming through the heads of the cereal crop in a straight line at steady speed; I have since worked this out to be about fifty miles per hour. The agency, though invisible, behaved like a solid object throughout and did not show any fluid tendencies, i.e. no variation in speed, line or strength. There was no visual aberration either in front, above or below the advancing line. After crossing the field on a shallow arc the 'line' dropped to a position about 1 o'clock and radially described a circle 75 ft radius in about 4 seconds. The agency then disappeared."
During a later interview Barnes stated that a hissing noise accompanied the phenomenon. Meaden thinks could be due to electrical discharges within the plasma cloud. This observation would be consistent with the plasma-vortex theory.
(Meaden, G.T.; "Circle Formation in a Wiltshire Cereal-Crop -- an Eye-Witness Account and Analysis of a Circles-Effect Event at Westbury," Journal of Meteor ology, U.K., 14:265, 1989.) From Science Frontiers #67, JAN-FEB 1990. © 1990-2000 William R. Corliss. Source: www.science-frontiers.com/sf067/sf067g15.htm

Arlesford & Goodworth Clatford, England, 1985
On 6th July 1985 two elderly man witnessed a large circularshaped object with whiteyellow lights. The next morning in the area of this sighting, near Arlesford and Goodworth Clatford, five cropcircle had been foudn. From the book: 'Graancirkels' from Rudi Klijnstra

Zelzate Assenede "De poel", Belgium, 1985
About twenty years ago Jean-Paul Goethals had an experience with a cropcircle. My profession was baker and because of this I drove at 1.30 am with my bike to the bakery. The happening occured in about 1985 on a Fridaynight in the month August. To get to my work I drove as usual along a field near Assenede, Zelzate Assenede "De poel".
Suddenly I saw above that field three white-grey balls flying  with a diameter of 6 to 7 metres in diameter. For a few seconds they just flew in the air. Then they moved up and down and in round circles above the field. I watched them for minuts, how long exactly I do not know, I was too astonished to watch the minuts it took. After some time they stopped moving and hang still, after what they suddenly disappeared. The balls (orbs) where real balls and no misty clouds or something. It seemed I could touch them, so close they were to the road.
When I drove home in the afternoon, I noticed some places in the field where the wheat in small circles laid down on the ground. These circles weren't very large or in a particular shape. The diameter of these four or five circles would have been about 6 to 7 metres, the same size as the ball that flew there at night. Together the formed a circular or oval-shaped silhouette. I wasn't able to determine what it exactly did look like. Source: Jean-Paul Goethals

Woolaston, Gloucesterhire, England, 1988
Tom Gwinnett, a farmer from Woolaston, Gloucesterhire, England, was driving past a wheat field one July evening in 1988., when his car's electrics suddenly failed. He was trying to rectify the problem, without success, when he became aware of a strange whirring noise. He looked into the adjacent field, where he saw a dull red ball the size of a football. It was not a solid sphere; rather, it appeared to consist of a cluster of red sparks, and the sparks seem to be coming from the tops of the wheat. Spellbound, Gwinett watched the mysterious ball for a minute or two, the mechanical sound continuing throughout. The object then suddenly disappeared and all was quiet. At the precise moment, the electrical fault on his car righted itself, his headlights came back on and he was able to continue his journey. he didn't inspect the field that evening, but the following mourning he discovered a six-metre crop circle in the spot where he'd seen the mysterious ball of red sparks.
Source: members.fortunecity.com/laucamp/page5.html

Kent, England, 1989
In the night a spinning disc-shaped object was seen surrounded by a blue-white light. It was accompanied by a buzzing sound. Research to the site where the light had been seen, resulted in two circles in wheat, and one of them had a diameter of 20 metres. Source: www.ufoplaza.nl/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=212

Alton Barnes, England, 1991
M. George Wingfield reports that on July 12, 1991 several crop watchers witnessed a "great column of luminosity" as it descended from a dark cloud near Alton Barnes in England. According to several witnesses the column lasted only a few seconds and spread out sideways as it collapsed toward the ground. The column then briefly assumed the shape of a pictogram.
Source: www.controversial-science.com/current/cc-hypothesis-comparison.htm#anchor37070

England?, 1991
On August 25, 1991, Gary and Vivienne Tomlinson were walking along a field of corn when they heard a rustling noise coming from the field beside them. "There was a mist hovering above, and we heard a high-pitched sound. Then we felt a wind pushing us from the side and above. It was forcing down on our heads so that we could hardly stay upright, yet my husband's hair was standing on end. It was incredible"...

Draycott Fitz Payne, Engeland, 1992
On July 26th 1992, during a group 'sky watch' near Alton Priors in Wiltshire, at approximately 11pm, I witnessed, from a distance of about a third of a mile away (500 metres), an amber-orange colored ball, roughly 20-30 feet (6-9 metres) in diameter, suddenly materialize low above a hedge and a group of trees. Holding a stationary position for approximately a minute and a half, while appearing to sway from side to side, it then quickly descended into a wheat field at an estimated angle of forty-five degrees, and created a new Crop Circle formation near Draycott Fitz Payne; a ringed circle and a single circle.
Source: Ed Sherwood - www.cropcircleanswers.com/sightings2.htm

Kansas, United States of America, 1995
A 'dumbbell-type' formation with a 'key' of 'L-shaped' spur leading out. Witness reported seeing 8-9 BOL's hovering 10ft off the ground just before discovering the circles. Source: www.cropcirclenews.com

Alton Barnes, Great Britain, 1996
It was already well into the evening and it was a wonderful Wiltshire night, with an billion stars in the crystal clear sky, but no moon. There was a heavy, low lying mist, only about a foot deep that covered the stubble of a large, recently cut field. The mist glowed with a strange intensity -- as if there was a full moon. After waiting two hours two beams of light shot up from the middle of the field, looking very much like wartime searchlights hunting for planes. They went up into the sky hundreds, if not thousands, of feet, waving lazily to and fro. They looked just like something out of a World War II movie, except they were flexible -- bending like they were made of translucent rubber! They persisted scanning around, with the distant end of their cones lagging behind the brighter bases, for about seven seconds -- definitely long enough for us to be sure of what we saw. There was sufficient time after we realized that the lights were curving for us to double-check the bizarre behavior. After we recovered from our amazement, we hurried to where the lights had emerged from the field, but of course there was nothing to be found. We waited around for another hour or so, when our patience was rewarded with another, shorter display, just at the moment that we decided to leave. It was as if the lights heard us and said, "farewell!" Of course that made us stick around even later, but we saw nothing more. There had been no sound, and no static electric tingle or other unusual phenomena during the entire period we were there.
Source: www.mightycompanions.org/cropcircles/sorensen.html

Clay Hill, England, 1998
I had been on a "night watch" for UFO’s on Clay Hill in Warminster. Three separate orbs of approximately six feet (1.8 metres) in diameter of coloured light had been weaving around and above us for some three hours on the top of Clay Hill, merging at times into a single globe and then separating again above us. Suddenly one of the orbs descended to some thirty feet (9 metres) above us and then flew down into a field at the base of Clay Hill. As dawn broke I noticed a flattened circle in a field of wheat. On inspection there were no broken stalks just a perfectly flattened circle some thirty feet (9 metres) in diameter. Source: David Kingston (www.bbc.co.uk/southampton/features/cropcircles/cropcircles_history.shtml)

Hoeven, Netherlands, 1999
In 1999 two cropcircles were discovered in a field with 70 centimetres high barley. They came into being in the night of 6th to 7th June. A few minutes after midnight Robbert van den Broeke woke up and felt compelled to look out his second story bedroom window. Robbert opened the curtains and saw a "small, misty, pinkish-purple light" shaped like a football coming over the wheat field at a height of about ten feet (3 metres). The light stopped about 150 feet (45 metres) from his house. Then the light started to elongate, spreading out becoming thinner and thinner looking like a disc. When it was about thirty feet (9 metres) in diameter, Robbert saw what he called "electrical discharges" emit from the bottom of the pinkish-purple light. After that, the light faded away. Robbert ran outside into the wheat and there was a 39-foot-diameter circle (12 metres) next to a 8-foot-diameter circle (2,5 metres) and they were one metre apart from each other. From the book: 'In de ban van de cirkel' from Rudi Klijnstra, and from www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=893&category=Environment and www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/crop015.html

Hoeven, Netherlands, 2001
Nancy Talbot stayed ten days in the Netherlands, and the night of August 20-21st 2001 she stayed with Robbert vand en Broeke. Robbert and Nancy talked till 3 am about cropcircles and she went to bed. Behind the house was a garden, with a fence at the end, and behind this a farm-field. Nancy had her bedroom on the second floor in a room with thin, gauzy curtains, over-looking the garden and farm-field. At about 3.05 am I heard a few cattle nearby bawling raucously, as cattle do when they are disturbed. The cattle quieted down for a few minutes but, at about 3:10am they started up again. After a minute or so the cattle were quiet again. Then, at about 3:15 am, a brilliant, intense white column, or tube, of light - about 8 inches to 1 foot in diameter (20-30 centimetre) - from my vantage point-flashed down from the sky to the ground, illuminating my bedroom and the sky as brilliantly as if from helicopter searchlights. My room was so bright I can't, in retrospect, understand how I could so very clearly see the "tube" of light outside - its distinct edges - but I could, for about a full second, and there seemed to be a slight bluish tinge along the sides of the tube. Then this tube of light disappeared and both my room and the outside went dark. While the tube of light was there it was so bright I couldn't see exactly where it was touching down and wasn't sure how close it was. Approximately one second of total darkness elapsed and then a second tube of the same brilliant white light, slightly edged in a bluish tint, appeared slightly to the left of where the first tube had been. Again the room and the outside lit up spectacularly, somehow leaving the intense tube of light clearly visible for about one second. Then, after another second's darkness the third and final tube descended to the ground. There was no sound at any time during the light incident (the neighbour's cattle were now quiet), nor did I smell anything out of the ordinary at all. There was also no physical sensation of exposure to increased electromagnetic energy (such as the tingling I had experienced a few years prior in this same house during an earlier encounter). The entire light display took 5-6 seconds; if the bawling cattle are considered to be part of this situation the total time would be about 10 minutes. This was witnessed by Robbert too who was present in the kitchen. He saw that the columns of light hit the beanfield just behind the fence. He told too that the columns of light were spiralling down to the ground. Robbert had perceived the tubes of light as being smaller in diameter than I had, but he also saw them as definite, contained, columns which remained the same width all the way down. Neither of us saw anything in the overcast sky from which these tubes of light had originated. Robbert had heard the dog next door barking furiously just prior to the appearance of the light-tubes. In the beanfield was an ellipse of about 35 feet (10 metres) in length (running East / West) and 20 feet (6 metres) in width (North / South diameter), with a 20 feet (6 metres)-long pathway adjoining the northern edge which ended in a crossbar (like the capital letter "T"). Source: www.bltresearch.com/eyewitness1.html or thecropcirclewebsite.50megs.com/page73.htm (the full report can be read here)

Hoeven, Netherlands, 2002
Robbert van den Broeke had the feeling that in the particular field a cropcircle would come into being. He cycled in the area and when the evening fell, he saw in the west two lights above the dike. At first he thought it was a car, but this appeared not to be true, because the two lights moved over the dike and the ditch, after what the lights seemed to get smaller above the field, and they came together in one light, and disappeared after ten seconds. It took about ten seconds before the lights disappeared. Bron: www.dcca.nl

Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2002
On July 7, 2002, during a severe thunderstorm in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island, eyewitnesses reported seeing “funnels” create circular formations in wheat up to 20 feet (6 metres) in diameter. The event took less than two minutes, and one meteorologist was quoted as saying, “What we believe is a lot of air had rushed out of the thunderstorm and when it hit the ground it swirled around.” Source: www.cropcirclenews.com/modules/sections/index.php?op=printpage&artid=20

Borger, Netherlands, 2002
In July 2002 RK drove along a field where some weeks later a dolmen would be built by local people. At that moment he suddenly got in his head the information that in this field with grass a cropcircle would come into being. A friend was present who he told about his experience. The friend told him that he already knew a cropcircle would come into being. The next day RK returned to the field to watch something to happen. After some time he watched over the field and he saw twice a red lightorb flying over the field. After this he saw a third red lightorb flying to him and disappear. On first sight the field hadn't changed. When he entered the field he saw a circle of 'energy' lying in the field with 8 metres in diameter. The grass didn't seemed to be influenced by anything.

Gardiner (rural), Maine, United States of America, 2002
At about 2 am August 4th Witness #1, who had gotten up to get some water, observed a bright white flash of light followed by a small (perhaps flash-light sized) BOL down low over a hayfield across the street from her house. The BOL bobbed around over the crop for several minutes, then seemed to come closer to her location, then "went straight up in a beam of light" and disappeared. At approx. the same time a neighbor (Witness #2) whose house is approx. 75 yards (± a metre) away from the hayfield, got up because her dog was barking loudly and repeatedly; she observed that the dog was facing the hayfield as he continued to bark for about 5 minutes. Witnes #3 (the wife of the hayfield's owner), who lives several hundred yards (several metres) distant, woke up sometime after 12 midnight and heard a strange "metallic-type" noise which lasted only a few moments: "I have never heard that kind of noise before."
At about noon on August 4th the hayfield owner's 16-year-old son went to visit his grandmother whose house is immediately adjacent to the hayfield and discovered the new crop circles, a triple-ellipse. Source: www.rense.com/general28/cropmn.htm

Montegranaro, Italy, 2003
At 5:30 p.m. in the late afternoon of June 7 2003, three teenage boys were walking along a field (two or three kilometers outside Montegranaro, near Ascoli, in the center of Italy about 20 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and 250 kilometers north of Rome). They were astonished to see a ball of light appear, which send a thin beam (column) down into the crop. They saw this ball of light glowing in the ground and created this light beam to the ground. At that time no cropcircle was formed then. One of the teenagers had a cell phone with what he took two photos. One of the images can be seen on: www.kornkreise-forschung.de/text2003.htm
The next morning three circles in a line of varying sizes were discovered. Source: earthfiles.com

Netherlands, 2003
With the passage of a field an eyewitness saw strange twists in the sky that moved very intense, and at the same moment orbs were seen in the sky. Grey/whitey lightorbs went into the field. Above the field orange balls seemed busy with creating the formation, these balls had another texture than the white ones. Also black orbs were present, who seemed to observe the field. And there were blue balls, who seemed to observe the surrounding area of the cropcircle. These blue and black balls were also different from texture than the other orbs. Frequently birds were flying over the field, the seemed to be drawn to the present energy. The birds acted strange too, sometimes they seemed to be chased. In the mean while a cropcircle had been formed in the field with a diameter of about 20 metres.

Mud Lake, Michigan (USA), 2003
On 28th December in the Mud Lake near Horton an icecircle was found with a diamater of 3.5 metres, that existed out three different rings with different darknesses. A neighbouring inhabitant says that there might be a connection between the circle and the observation of 18th December he did above the lake. Vaughn Hope was ready to go to bed and to switch off the lights at 01.30. While he walked through the diningroom and looked out the window, he saw 'a very bright light', from what a bright light beamed down. "My first thought was, that someone was outside on that hill. My second thought was: 'Who would be on that hill in a night like this one?' It was freezing 9 degrees, and the wind was raw. But it was such a bright light! It was captivating. But it lighted only a small area, about five centimetres. But it was enough to see 8 to 10 trees lighting up  between me and the object." In the 20 minuts Vaugh was perceiving the object, it didn't move at all. He wasn't able to distinguish the shape. He decided to go to bed; "I convinced myself it was the moon that was shining on the hill, because it was about that size." Acoording to the man, the beam of light was very narrow, and was coming from a white lightorb. When the man heard about the icecircle, he reported his observation. Source: www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=624&category=Environment - frontpage.fok.nl/news.fok?id=36749

Zeijen, Netherlands, 2004
Near the dolmen of Zeijen straw lay on the land. The weather was hot in August en there was no wind at all! Suddenly a vortex of wind appeared that lifted up the straw from the land and took it in the air in some minuts. They haven't seen the straw falling down on the land. If there was formed a cropcircle, it wouldn't be visible do due there wasn't any crop on the land, and the vortex of wind on a day with no with is rather unusual. Source: Albert Smid

Leicester, North Carolina (USA), 2005
A circle in hay was found after eyewitnesses saw a bright white light above the field on June 21st, 2005.
Source: www.earthfiles.com/news/news.cfm?ID=947&category=Environment

Hoeven, Netherlands, 2006
On an evening in July 2006 someone (who wishes to stay anonymous) balls of light in the sky. This person followed the orbs and came out on a wheatfield. There standing next to the field he heard a cracking noise. In the stress he went away. The next day he went back to the field where the orbs went to the evening before, and there he saw a large and a small cropcircle in the wheat.

Have you seen a cropcircle come into being that wasn't made by humans? Please let us know and contact us!
We would like to publish above more experiences of witnesses, anonymous publicating is possible!

The observations made by witnesses do all come to: wind-vortex/whirlwinds, columns or tubes of light, balles of light (lightorbs), and sometimes also other lightphenomena. It seems that with the coming into being of a cropcircle all these phenomena are all present, but mosly only are perceived for a part.

Theories for the coming into being of cropcircles
There are several theories about how cropcircles did come into being which are more than just a simple thought. Mostly they are based on what witnesses have seen. However not all the observations are equal to each other and seem to differ, they would give a full picture of the cropcircle phenomenon together. Besides many views have come up into minds, only two real theories have been mentioned of how (genuine) cropcircles come into being in the fields, those are the Plasma-vortex theory and the lightorbs theory.

Plasma-vortex theory
One of the theories is the plasma-vortex theory and is developed by a meteorologist Dr. Terence Meaden from England.
Meaden says that when highly ionized air high in the atmosphere creates a vortex of plasma. The plasma spins very intense an starts descending to the surface. When the vortex touches ground it emits a high pitched trilling noise and very intense winds. The trilling noise is emitted at 5khz. The high winds are only in a confined area, you could stand next to one and not be effected. But if you were to step inside, you would be blown around severely. Meaden claims to have experienced on such occasion when he saw a vortex come down with high winds. He says there was a trilling noise and near the time it was over, a circle appeared in the crop underneath it. This theory supports the sound theory and the wind theory which says that microbursts or windshear is responsible for the strange phenomenon. Summary: cropcircles are laid down by an electrical charged descending spiral wind. Source: www.angelfire.com/wa/dsmUFO/cropcircles.html

Only a part of the theory is supported by a fundatation. His and other people's experiences indicate that local specific winds occur that are descending in a vortex. For the other part of the theory there is no proof and perhaps there is another origin than the suggested one. Still cropcircles are found with just one circle, but there are also more complex shapes in the crop. Behind these patterns some sort of intelligency seemed to be present, what isn't present within this theory. The theory with what only wind is creating a cropcircle isn't plausible either for the same reason. Besides this the wind moves the crop in just a single direction down, and not in a circle or paths with sharp edges.

Lightorbs (balls of light) theory
Over the years, numerous people have claimed that they have seen how a crop circle was created by one or more "balls of light".
Recent scientific studies have confirmed these statements: Circumstantial evidence has shown that crop circles may very well be made by ‘balls of light' indeed! This article explains the essential elements of these studies in simple terms: www.dcccs.org/bols.htm or www.dcccs.org/scientific_studies_confirm__crop_circles_made_by__balls_of_light_.htm
The research to cropcircles regarding to scientific evidence for balls of light, is coducted by Eltjo Haselhoff, PhD from the Netherlands. He concludes the following. My paper shows that the node lengthening in several crop circles corresponds perfectly to the effect that would be created by a ball of light, heating up the crop during the creation of the crop circle. This is not the case for a man-made formation. The amount of node lengthening, and in particular its symmetry over the crop circles, lack any trivial explanation. Consequently, the study confirms the words of eyewitnesses, stating that they saw how crop circles were created by "balls of light." My paper does not attempt to explain where the balls of light come from, nor does it explain how the crop is flattened. It does, however, give a strong argument to take the "ball of light" phenomenon, as well as the words of eyewitnesses, very seriously, and I hope will stimulate further study.

The theory confirms a part of the eyewitnessreports that tell about balls of light with the creating cropcircles. The theory does not say much more, and doesn't exclude other eyewitnessreports with for example (spiral) columns of light. The eyewitnesses ask for more foundations for their observations, so that they can be explained. The discovery of Haselhoff describes only the effect that can be found in the crop and by what it is caused, but not what the origin is of the orbs or what such ball of light exactly is.

That cropcircles aren't only made by humans, show the things people discovered in cropcircles. A white powder is found in several cropcircles. After research by a laboratory it turned out to be silicium that is 99.9 % pure. It is very, very expensive to make the silicium so pure as found in several cropcircles. Also formations that arrive in rainstorms, that exhibit no muddy footprints. In cropcircles often changes in the crop are found. Laboratory analysis reveal biological and chemical changes to the crop. Also expanded and exploded knots in stalks are found. (A knot is the connection between two parts of the stalk, a bulge in the stalk) With tests the same effect can be gain by putting the stalks in a microwave. By scientific research the microwave-radiation would cause the expanded and exploded knots. In the last decade more attention has come for the balls of light that are seen by the creation of cropcircles. These balls would explain the microwave-radiation.

With all the eyewitnessreports, strange things in cropcircles, and the scientific studies with the evidence, show us that cropcircles aren't only made by humans. Still the subject of cropcircles is still difficult and sensitive in certain circles, besides the scientific evidence. The answer to the question if all the cropcircles are made by humans must be "no" with scientific evidence in the hand. The answer to the question if all cropcircles aren't made by humans get a "no" too. the mystery of the cropcircles is solved very slowly, but we should not ignore or forget that this fenomenon is found on our planet.

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