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·    Dimensions examined

Dimensions examined

The dictionary says about the word dimension the following.

1 measurement
2 perspective

People use the word dimension for several purposes. All meanings come from measurement, in the broadest sense of the word.

1. Dimension is used for mathematical measurements, as length, width, and height.

2. Dimension is used for the degree of consciousness (growth). For example: The earth is going to the fourth/fifth dimension.

3. Dimension is used to point to a parallel world. For example an ufo which disappears into another dimension. Many times people use a parallel dimension for the paranormal. But the paranormal world is actually no parallel world. An aura is present around every person in our world. Leylines (energylines) lie around our planet in the landscape. So the paranormal is (present) in our world. Humans only see a part of what there is (mostly), and do think that the paranormal is elsewhere, which isn't.