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Geopathic stress & waterveins

The name geopathic stress is used for all radiations and disturbing fields, which are harmful for human beings. research showed that they can cause several diseases and can worsen them. This is mostly depending on how your bed is situated on the geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress isn't just one energy, but is a collective name for several energies and disturbing fields, which all have a bad influence on people. They disturb the health of people. Geopathic stress isn't always harmful for everyone. If geopathic stress has a negative influence on the person, and how much influence, is depending on how healthy you are. If a person is weaker because of a disease or something else, the energy of the geopathic stress has a larger influence on the condition of a person. Then a human is more susceptible to radiations and disturbing fields.

There are people who say they can make the radiations and disturbing fields harmless or neutralize them. This can be called suppressing, make sure that humans and animals don't have problems any more with the radiations. Personally I do not have experience with suppressing, but there are many people who have experiences with it. Most people who had suppress their house or company say that it works and that they have benefit with it. Unfortunately there are also cases in which it led to a failure.

Personally I am very careful with suppressing. This, because a centuries-old energy-system is changed. The consequences are told to be known, but often they aren't!
Sometimes people tell that they are able to remove of block geopathic stress. If it would be removed, it would mean that an energyline suddenly stops, and after some metres the energyline would continue. An energyline is a path of streaming energy, the energy must continue somewhere. Also if the energy would be blocked, the energy has to remain somewhere, it can't disappear. So it is impossible to remove or block geopathic stress. What is possible, is transforming the negative energy to a harmless or less harmful energy, so that geopathic stress has no or less influence on people and animals.

When people investigate the geopathic stress, they watch for example energylines. Such as (for example) benkerlines, currylines and hartmannlines. These lines would be the most harmful energylines that can damage the health of people. Besides energylines there are also other energies were people look for, like waterveins and faults in the ground. Sometimes people also look for spirals (round turningpoints).
For more information about energylines, waterveins and spirals, visit the page Leylines & other energylines.

Besides the mentioned energies above, they sometimes also look for radiations that are caused by humans. Examples of this are equipment which are connected to the electricity grid and radiations which are radiated by GSM-masts. These radiations are called electrosmog.